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Victoria C. Frank

Victoria C. Frank

Victoria’s first finished piece of needlework is a sampler, stitched when she was 12 years old. The sampler reads, “Visits always give pleasure; if not in the coming then in the going.” It’s framed and hanging in the guest bedroom of her little lake house. (It’s nice to see that her sense of humor has been a part of her character throughout her life.)

Stitching and working with fibers has been a fundamental part of her life for years. Her weaving class in college was a highlight in her major study of art and art history. The needlepoint she learned from her dorm mother as a freshman (yes, she is old enough to have been at college when there was such a thing as dorm mothers) has become the focus of late (two term treasurer of local American Needlepoint Guild chapter) but she has studied quilting and tried knitting (too much counting!) and was introduced to the skill of beautiful cross stitch from an amazing woman in Davos, Switzerland.

These days she continues her arts education via volunteer work at The Art Institute of Chicago where she is Chairman of the Program Committee and Past President of The Textile Society and a member of the Antiquarian Society and Old Masters Society. She is also a member of The Arts Club of Chicago. And she co-chaired the American Needlepoint Guild’s “Seminar” when it was in Chicago in the summer of 2014. The local committee was so successful in their marketing program that they were able to host a lecture given by Caroline Goldthorpe on 18th century embellishment that all attendees were invited to attend. A great success enjoyed by all!

Vic's professional life has been focused on special events. Her career began with the calligraphy she learned from one of the American Masters while in college. Starting out the calligraphy was a secondary source of income but with an ever-growing client base she was able to make it her primary job in her early 30's. It was her clients who encouraged her to become further involved in event planning. With their inspiration and confidence in her creativity, she added event planning to her service list. Then came an offer that she couldn't resist – start up a meeting and special event department at a commercial real estate firm. This move inspired a long, rewarding and successful career in the meeting and corporate special event planning business.

The culmination of that career was her own boutique planning company that provided great rewards and experiences. Victoria traveled with her clients and planned events in a myriad of destinations; from the Lake District north of Toronto to the Pacific shoreline of Mexico, from the north shore of Oahu to the golf courses near Malaga, Spain. And all of the places she went and all of the cultures she celebrated in the events she planned, she noticed the local crafts and beautiful needlework that was created by the local people.

A combination of two events has inspired Vic to start a new company; the economic downturn crippled the event planning business and she celebrated a milestone birthday. What better time to make a new start? Victoria C. Frank, Inc. offers retreats where guests are introduced to needlework traditions of international cultures. And there are no hardships along the way as the groups stay in the finest accommodations and learn from the best and see fine collections not often available to the public.

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